11 / 29 / 2019

The Standards in Public Office Commission (SIPOC) has published “Public Bodies – the Standards Commission has today published “Supporting Ethics Compliance: Top Ten Best Practices for Public Bodies”.

Public bodies have a duty to ensure that employees withstatutory obligations under the Ethics in Public Office Acts 1995 and 2001 (the Ethics Acts) are informed of their obligations and encouraged to comply. Public bodies are also required to take appropriate steps to identifyand address any non-compliance by designated directors and designated employees.In fulfilling this duty, public bodies are expected to receive and manage statements of interest (annual and ad hoc), identify and managing potential conflicts of interest, address possible instances of non-compliance, and support employees to comply with their tax clearance disclosure obligations.The Standards Commission has developed this document to provide best practices for public bodies to support compliance and address non-compliance with the EthicsActs