12 / 31 / 2016


On the International anticorruption day, Rolf Alter, director for public governance and territorial development, published a column on the relation between promotion of integrity and inclusive growth underlining that public decisions biased by peculiar interests affect not only citizens’ confidence but also economic growth.

World bank

On 9 December, the World Bank launched its latest publication « Getting the full picture on public officials: a how-to guide for effective financial disclosure », online and during a presentation to founding members of the Network for integrity in Paris. This study establishes a panorama of financial disclosure schemes in more than 160 countries.


In its interim compliance report on the Netherlands, the GRECO concluded that the country had progressed in terms of prevention of corruption in respect of members of the parliament, judges and prosecutors with three out of seven recommendations implemented or satisfactorily treated. On transparency on political parties funding (third evaluation cycle), the GRECO published its second compliance report for Greece and Italy in December 2016. In Greece, it concluded that the situation has not changed over the past eighteen months. In Italy, the GRECO noted significant progress. It published its second interim compliance report for Cyprus, highlighting progress, and its fifth compliance report in this field for Denmark, concluding that the situation has not evolved and that actions and implementation of the recommendations were unsatisfactory.

Open Governement Partnership

A few days before the OGP global summit in Paris, and a few days after the letter of intent of Germany, the OGP welcomed a new member country: Luxembourg.