01 / 31 / 2017


In January 2017, the GRECO recommended that the United States prevention of conflicts of interest scheme for members of the Congress, judges and prosecutors. It also recommended that Georgia pursue its reforms and finds unsatisfactory the action of Belgium in corruption prevent in respect of members of the parliament, judges and prosecutors. Last, in its report of 19 January, the GRECO congratulates Italy on the measures adopted in the last few years to fight corruption and highlighted « the determined leadership and proactive role of the Anticorruption Authority (ANAC) ».

European Union

On Monday 16 January 2017, the new rules of procedure of the European Parliament entered into force. The measures adopted in December 2016 aim at increasing its transparency and efficiency. Two of the main measures are the interdiction for all members of the European Parliament to work as a lobbyist and the obligation to inform the European Parliament before undertaking any new lobbying activity at the end of their functions. Civil society, notably le the European Union chapter of Transparency International regrets nonetheless progresses that are considered as limited.

Transparency international

On 25 January, Transparency International published its annual report and corruption perceptions index, aggregating results notable from the World Bank, the African development bank, and the Bertelsmann Foundation among others. France keeps its 23rd position. Italy and Romania progress. The ranking is affected by a certain number of declines, and notably Qatar, strongly downgraded after corruption allegation on the 2022 football World Cup attribution. Nordic countries keep dominating the ranking.